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All photos below and every photo on this website is taken in our studio space of actual arrangements sent to actual customers.


Bold and lively. Hot colors with deep contrasting shadows and high saturation. Visually striking for that vivacious someone.


Glowing peaches, yellows and whites. Soft, tranquil and luminous.


Featuring lots of texture and earth tones. Berries, herbs, pods and ferns. The perfect floral composition for that earth child in your life. 


Celestial shades of blue and purple. Moon-like tones of white and silver. 


Warm and inviting orange and red tones. Reminiscent of fall foliage, sun on your face, bare feet on the hot sand and glorious sunsets.


Natural earthy tones of white, green, cream and taupe. 


Those deeper shades of burgundy, like a good glass of red wine. Let her know the true and deep nature of those feelings.


Widely regarded as the greatest time of year, fall is finally here!